Ready to make more money?

Life Coaching 

for your dream life & badass business

You want a blazing money-making business without the time suck overwhelm.

I want to help you. 

What you think is the problem is never the problem. Lack enough time after work, kids with pink eye, piles of paper on your desk, and zero business degree is NOT the problem.

It’s all in your thinking.

So, together we develop your vision of the life and business you want, create more time with lazer productivity,  and organize to get it all done.

We coach through all the problems, or as I call them, “thought errors.”

After 12 weeks of 1:1 coaching, you will learn a process to crack your confidence code and start making bookoo bucks. 

12 Weeks

“Working with Lydia has helped me clarify and energize my goals in my physical pilates practice as well as my broader life goals. She has taught me ways to identify and overcome the common obstacles I face on a daily basis. She has a motivating and genuinely positive outlook and has real tools to work with you wherever you are in your life.”


“Saying ‘yes’ to coaching with Lydia was one of the best decisions I ever made and she was exactly what I had been needing, plus SO MUCH MORE. I needed her extra care, 200% attention on me, push to do better, and be a rockstar business owner, new mama, and wife. I am blown away by how far I came – physically, mentally, spiritually – and all via Skype, say what?! It feels like Lydia is right next to me, holding my hand, and guiding me through all the tough, gritty stuff. Her radiant charm, contagious smile, and ability to find humor and beauty in every situation has helped me tremendously. Lydia helped me learn about and re-love myself…now that is priceless.”


“Working with Lydia during our Zoom sessions, she met me exactly where I was at… She teased out my goals: more balance in my runner body through a daily pilates routine (that I began to crave) and reflective thought work to keep my senses noting patterns and staying engaged with my chosen destinations joyful, purposeful and authentic. The pep talk emails with notes for the week were so helpful for this busy mama when life is busting at the seams!”



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