How’s bedroom life these days?

…hhmmph, meh ok.

I’m Lydia Feldman

I help women come alive, feel sexier, and create an electric love life.

I never really wanted to think of sex as, well, a PROBLEM. 

BUT… I mean, doesn’t everyone want a better body, more passionate sex and to feel at least a little turned on?

I had a great marriage, two little kids, perfect health… but the creative spirit that once had me traveling the world acting, designing my Oakland Pilates studio, or finding ways to change the world was… LIMP.

To say the least, my flatlined libido was reflected in my entire life –

  • Waking up feeling anxious & depressed, but unclear why
  • Yelling at my kids daily because they fell apart before dinner time
  • Boring date nights, spent mostly on our phones
  • Dread and guilt over not having “enough” sex
  • Body shame over that prolonged overdue “baby weight” but no lasting motivation to loose it
  • Inability to enjoy even the little pleasures like relaxing in the sun

Oh and we were living with my parents, which was awesome and complicated.

That special spark that once had me on-fire and steamy?

Zip. Nada. gonzo. G’night.

I felt like I was hanging on by a cheerio and a bobby pin, one traffic jam away from losing it.

I had finally gotten my dream of being a stay at home mom and I was a frumpy, bitchy mess.

I wanted control over my life & purpose.

I wanted to not loath my body.


I didn’t realize my deepening the connection to my body and sexuality was the missing link to create a so much MORE in my life.

I created the vibrancy & authority I craved.

I will show you how too.




You are a wild, sexy beast. 


I know this to be true.


Even if you only follow the straight ‘n narrow, a beautiful, deeply connected love life awaits you.


My superpower?


I can help YOU TURN ON.


Even if your world has turned a little beige, passionless and predictable.


I got you.


Imagine an electric neon sign buzzing INSIDE YOU, trying to flicker on.


I help my clients figure out where they short circuit their own pleasure.


I give them the tools to tap into their desire to transform all areas of their life.




And when you do:


  • You will always know how to create pleasure in your body
  • You will love sex with yourself and your partner
  • You will feel relaxed in your bikini at the pool with your kids. 
  • Your partnership will feel unshakable


  • You will create an unfathomable trust in YOURSELF… and take exciting, bold moves in your life.


When you TURN ON, life feels good and decisions are easy.


Let’s not just get you unstuck.


Let’s get you splashy, sensual, and audaciously LIVING in your world AND bedroom.


Awaken your senses.


Ignite your orgasmic fire.




“Sessions with Lydia helped me feel strong and connected and gave me confidence pre-baby and post-baby!”


“I’ve never had as much fun as I’ve had with Lydia’s sessions. Her ability to keep it fun and light while she tailors the work is magic! Lydia is both skilled and entertaining and she really cares about your health and progress. Her passion is contagious & her ever-positive vibe helps me get through any tough moment.”


“Our weekly sessions and the notes she provides after became a road map for my week, helping me to stay focused, healthy, and vibrant! Even as a busy working mom, Lydia has shown me how possible it is to create time dedicated to my own healing, health and growth.”