Business is hard.

But guess what?

You can do hard things.

Mama, you are a dreamer.

You have great plans…but what the hell, life keeps getting in the way!

Start another online course or get to bed early tonight?

Hire a web designer or google how to add a link to your blog for an hour? 

Organize your desk or play Barbies with your 5 year old when she complains you “work too much”… 

Never enough hours in the day or energy to give…

Finding time for yourself & your business doesn’t come easy.


We’re in the same boat.

I felt stuck in a spin cycle of confusion and exhaustion without getting any traction in my boutique Pilates Studio. I complained about client no-shows and working weekends, I bickered with my husband about money, and felt clueless when it came to “finding” clients and making offers…Even though I was passionate about Pilates,

my business felt so hard.

I wish I knew then how to make all my boats float while earning the income I wanted.

Organize your mind & live from your future self today.

I help busy mamas get organized, slay big goals and make more money in their home businesses… without the overwhelm, burnout, and mom guilt.

Ready for some more money and time?

My Story


3 years ago, I was pregnant, exhausted and fed up with the hustle of being Bay Area solopreneur. Oh and our toddler was testing my every. last. nerve.


So, we “took a break” from the urban jungle and carted our family across the country 5,000 miles to be closer to my parents.


GULP. Hello Florida suburbs.


I soon realized my anxiety was just as bad in the burbs as a stay-at-home mom. 


I beat myself up for not doing it all, yelling at my kids, & failing as a creative entrepreneur. I was sick of feeling stuck and under earning.


Enter Life Coaching.


I began to organize my mind, dream bigger, and launch two more successful online businesses while working full time.

I can show you how too.





Guess what, your dreams CAN come true: a thriving business, happy home and some badass confidence. But it starts with setting that smart brain of yours in the right direction.

Ready to sky rocket your business with the power of your thinking?

“Sessions with Lydia helped me feel strong and connected and gave me confidence pre-baby and post-baby!”


“I’ve never had as much fun as I’ve had with Lydia’s sessions. Her ability to keep it fun and light while she tailors the work is magic! Lydia is both skilled and entertaining and she really cares about your health and progress. Her passion is contagious & her ever-positive vibe helps me get through any tough moment.”


“Our weekly sessions and the notes she provides after become a road map for my week, helping me to stay focused, healthy, and vibrant! Even as a busy working mom, Lydia has shown me how possible it is to create time dedicated to my own healing, health and growth.”