How’s life these days?

…hhmmph, meh ok.


  Of all the colors in the box, do you pick tan over & over again?

I’m Lydia Feldman

I help moms play bigger in their lives & see the FULL box of crayons to choose from.

As a serial entrepreneur, creative spirit and mama, I’ve had a lot of practice.


My first business was as an actor. I spent my twenties acting in NYC, traveling for Shakespeare and hearing “no” a bazillion times. 


PS. Auditions are like bootcamp for the novice entrepreneur.  I’d rehearse for hours, give it my all in the audition room for a director… that would barely look up from her notepad. Rejection and failure were just part of the job.


But that trained me to take bigger risks and trust my deeper currents of resourcefulness.


Then, I went for my second entrepreneurial venture. Following my passion for wellness, I opened a Pilates studio in the heart of Oakland, CA, and worked day and night on it. 


I had a hand-painted ombre turquoise wall.

It was a charming neighborhood gem.

It was profitable.


Envisioning, opening and growing a studio taught me the power of saying YES to my inner boss babe and visionary. 


It was amazing to bring a dream to life and became a more mature businesswoman.


I then promptly got pregnant, and the days of passionate hustle had to come to an end. My husband and I pulled a 180 and moved across country to the Florida ‘burbs for a better quality of life. 


It was wonderful to be able to spend a lot of time with my kids, but I knew I was meant to do more.


I continued to teach Pilates but wanted to help my clients on a deeper level fall in love with their bodies & lives. 

And I finally found the tools in life coaching to bridge the gap between emotional and physical vibrancy.


You see, we are all creative beings. 


I know this is true for you. Even if you only follow the straight ‘n narrow… until now.


You are a colorful, interested, magical person that need to be hands deep messy in something worthy, bold and splashy…for YOU.


My superpower is that I can see YOUR color.


Even if your world has turned a little mushy and beige.


If you’ve allowed that to happen for many years, that’s ok. Beige and gray are wonderful shades too!


But how fun is to imagine a grand rainbow of color vibrating INSIDE YOU?

I help my clients to uncover that… and allow it to shine in the world.


And when you do:

  • You will take risks in your life that make you want to throw up they’re so scary and exciting (investing in a studio lease or negotiating a badass raise)
  • Plan a guilt-free midday steamy rendezvous.
  • Create a business or career that doesn’t leave you feeling burnt out and desperate for another glass of wine every night.
  • You will feel relaxed in your bikini. 
  • You will open your closet & be fucking excited to dress a body you love.

Let’s get you unstuck.

Let’s get more splashy, sassy spectrum of color in your world, your business, your relationships, and your body. 


When you light up, life feels good and decisions are easy.


The world needs your light!

I can’t wait to help you get there.

“Sessions with Lydia helped me feel strong and connected and gave me confidence pre-baby and post-baby!”


“I’ve never had as much fun as I’ve had with Lydia’s sessions. Her ability to keep it fun and light while she tailors the work is magic! Lydia is both skilled and entertaining and she really cares about your health and progress. Her passion is contagious & her ever-positive vibe helps me get through any tough moment.”


“Our weekly sessions and the notes she provides after become a road map for my week, helping me to stay focused, healthy, and vibrant! Even as a busy working mom, Lydia has shown me how possible it is to create time dedicated to my own healing, health and growth.”