The WHY’S and the HOW’S to create your sassy pants sexcapade.

Defined: The Sex Weekend // (n)  any amount of time in which a couple removes themselves from the normal routines of life & committs to intimacy, erotic imagination, and tending of sexual energy. 

Syn. Romantic getaway, sexcapade, the sex weekEND, adult recess…

aka. Time AWAY from it “all” to reconnect. 

The sex weekend (or afternoon or week) is essential to your sex life.

A VERY intentional weekend allows you to focus on each other.

WHY sexcapade away?

1. It’s soooo helpful to create a mini-reset in your relationship to reconnect for sex, intimacy, friendship and love. You commit to pleasure!!

2. The brain loves NOVELTY and fresh, new, exciting situations to help create more play and “charge” in your relationship.

3. You eliminate life’s distractions, to-do lists, stress, and even the kid’s daily needs. It’s much easier to be present with each other.

4. Hear and understand your current excuses! With fewer distractions, we want to know all the resistant thoughts you’re having blocking you from pleasure. WHY are you avoiding sex and pleasure? If it’s not because you’re too tired or the kids might hear, what the real story blocking you from more connection?

***The inconvenience, complications of planning, and internal discomfort are WORTH it!

****Your hotter sex life and deeper connection is WORTH IT!****

Say it loud n proud woman!

HOW to do these sexy things: 

1. Plan it like a boss

2. Prepare for pleasure, anticipate allllll the good and curiosities (aka the lead up is ALSO pleasurable).

3. Comfort the fears – explore any hesitations and hear them out

4. COMMIT to pleasure and undivided attention to yourself and your partner

5. Let GO of your expectations and have fun.

Let your summer be even more splash and sexy, starting with a June getaway (even just to a local hotel or play hookie for a day alone)…

Where oh, where will you go next??

To watch me explain all this in simple detail, watch here below!

AND PS> Thank you for all the Cruella compliments ;)… seriously, this movie looks so dope and I hmmm, yes I DO think I’m rocking my inner iconic Cruella lately. 


Y’all this summer is going to be SO delicious.
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