Three years ago, I scrolled through my Pinterest app and pinned this image.

I wistfully thought … Someday… when I have more money, or status, or less crazy kids.

Or maybe that would just never happen, but ahhhhh if I COULD get the cajones to wear that, I’d be so cool & chic.

The endless pins of wild clothes, glitzy jewelry, and lush vacations all seemed dreamily out-of-reach.

AND so I scrolled, wishing to be some better version of myself, I subtly decided “I’m totally frumpy, I can’t pull that shit off” UGHH…FML

Which then, btw, I went to create more frumpiness and UGHness.


My brain is different.

I treat my life and my aspirations SO differently.

Last month, I browsed my old Pinterest board, and I saw this blazer with a rhinestone necklace as a shirt.

Sexy. Glamorous. Edgy.

FUCK YES, my inner fire was yelling, CREATE THIS LOOK.

Not from a place to “fix” my blaaah pitiful self.

But my ignited, fierce, BRIGHT woman already inside me wants more airtime.

All I have to do is clear the path in my head first.

So I tracked this look down and made it happen.

EVEN THOUGH I felt hella awkward walking through my house like this on my way to my office.

EVEN THOUGH I gasped a little when Levi and my Dad were scrolling through these IG screenshots like this saved on my phone.

EVEN THOUGH I wasn’t sure what the fuck I was wearing, it just felt fun and racy and part of my FUTURE LYDIA LANDSCAPE.

I am creating my future by stepping into it NOW, even though it’s wobbly.

THIS is how I’m framing my resolutions this year.

Not an exhausting, rigid daily to-do list of things I “SHOULD” do to be skinnier, healthier, wealthier, or better.

My resolutions this year are based on unearthing WHO I AM and am becoming…

The woman that feels IGNITED, abundant, and free to burn shit down and be all in, with surrender and LOVE.

I want more of these qualities in my sex life, my business, my wardrobe, and my body.

HOW do I plan on creating this VIBE and way of being?


I bought the necklace before I felt ready.

I wore it as a shirt before I felt comfortable.

I posted pictures before I talked myself out of it.

And in the process revved my internal fire.


This year, create that fantabulous, vibrant, HOT AF love life!

By DOING less.

& BEING more.

It’s the most feminine, creative, and powerful way of goal setting AND IT WORKS.


Next step: register for my 2021 LOVE MAP Master Class (link here) Monday 1/4 @ 11 am PT

We are gonna blow 2021 out of the WATER and put your Pinterest board to shame 🤩

See you on zoom this Monday! Come ready to CREATE a road map to better sex, deeper connection, and way more love this year.