Gazing into the steamy shower mirror ala nude, do you feel like this?

When you put lingerie on, do you feel like Ms. Dirty Martini?

Sultry, fun, sassy and full on your giant sex appeal?

I worked with Dirty Martini briefly while in New York.

Rather, I worked in AWE of this woman as I did tech backstage with her on a downtown Off-Off Broadway show. I came to love and admire her and many other wild burlesque and eccentrics icons.

She was big, loud, floppy and ALL WOMAN.

Men and women both fell all over her.

To be honest, I had NEVER even seen burlesque when I arrived fresh outta my midwestern Christian college. I had certainly never met a burlesque celebrity so witty, talented and by all social standards, big n lumpy.

I was wide eyed and star struck.

Flash forward 15 years or so and here I am fretting over what lingerie to buy on Black Friday this past weekend.

Which basically means, I was obsessing over prices, details and all those tan flat stomachs and perky tits.

By Monday, I still didn’t look like this model, and even though my brain had begun it’s familiar drama.
Too bloated
Too pasty
Too droopy
Too lumpy
Too dumpy
Too undisciplined
Too lazy.

PS> I love this bra. I love my body in it and I decidedly do NOT look like this model.

Ya know why?

I can now catch my brain in the act of BULLSHIT.


Here’s how you too can notice your dumpster fire of body thoughts and swoop in on your very own sparkle pony.

1. Notice your dumpster fire garbage thoughts.
These are just sentences in your head.
Be honest, no need to hide or eliminate the nasty mean thoughts. Just notice them.

2.  Find sliiiightly less toxic thoughts YOU ALSO BELIEVE.
The key here is that you gently guide yourself to thoughts that feel BELIEVABLE.

My gut looks disgusting cannot magically turn into I’m a wowza show girl in an snap.

Baby steps are needed to rainbow together these thoughts…

My Rainbow Thought Ladder looks like this:
– My gut looks gross
– My gut looks less gross when I stand up and stop smooshing the skin around
– This is actually just my stomach
– hmmm I do know what flatters my figure
– My stomach feels good when I take of hella tight jeans
– Even my stretch marks don’t seem so bad when I stroke my tummy lightly
– He doesn’t seem to mind
– If i close my eyes, I like the way fingertips feel on my skin there.

NONE of these are lightning boltz “wow” thoughts.

And I just got out of despair and self loathing and made it to feeling a little relaxed.

We’re just slowly easing out of the dumpster fire and onto the curb.

Want sexual prowess, glittery abandon and immense SELF LOOOVE?

You’re body doesn’t have to change to attract, seduce, dominate, play and wow… AND it could, but either way, you need to believe better thoughts.

I can show you how to follow this simple process to ROCK your body and sparkle up your sex life RIGHT NOW.
Let’s coach.

BE the show stopper woman!

PS. Here’s some easy tips to create hotter solo time. Listen to this week’s Podcast here: The Ritual of Self Pleasure