Mommy, why do you have hair on your vagina?
How do babies come out?
How to babies get in?
When will I kiss a boy? (as she tries to practice with her brother)
I can’t wait to kiss a boy and get married.
My vulva is itchy and hurts mom.
I like to “relax” (as she hangs on the side of the pool near the jets)

She is six.

She is full of curiosity and self-love.

Her body is designed to experience pleasure and pain.

And her brain is quickly learning to decipher which is which in our very complicated world.

As I have had the honor of raising a little girl, I quickly realize where I STILL have lingering shame, discomfort, and gender inequality in my own mind.

Don’t touch
Be careful
Be private
UARHG umm ehh gross, i mean, hmmm ok…

I am thoughtful and kind with myself too as I am learning and unlearning sex-positivity for myself and my family… And I don’t claim to be perfect by any means.

But I also realize I am teaching Emilia with more than my words… She is watching me as a woman. A wife. A parent. A business owner.

And while she doesn’t quite understand it yet, as a lover.

How I experience and create pleasure, leisure, creativity, play, and love is expressed in countless lessons to her throughout the day.

My pleasure is power in my life, particularly because I am also helping my kids understand, love, and respect their bodies.


Want to teach your kids about consent?
Understand and respect your own NO and YES and MAYBE regarding YOUR BODY.

Want to teach her to she’s equal to any boy and can think for herself?

Always take responsibility for your own pleasure & orgasm.

Want her to love her body?
Let down your hair, bare your chest, open your legs, and explore your naked self with curiosity and scientific wonder.

The conversations will come, so know where you stand within yourself FIRST.

You can start by simply touching yourself. Physically and emotionally.

1. Literally, you have uncanny pleasure at your command, but you have to find it all over your body.
Discover it.
Seek it.
Explore it.
Observe it.
Magnify it.
It’s your wild geography and YOU are the careful, awesome steward.

2. Metaphorically, you get to start touching on your inner life.
The less comfortable, secret, fierce, weird inner self that’s POWERFUL.

Coaching works magic in both areas.

If you’ve been reading these posts and starting this work, take it further and deeper.

TRANSFORM your sex life, your pleasure, and generations to come.

Just reply and we’ll set up a consultation to get you creating the 2021 you WANT.  For more on this, I explain in this video clip here: