Is your sex life THAT bad?

I mean, chances are, you’re reading this thinking, um nah, I’ve got this… it’s not KILLING ME.

There are so many things MORE important #fuckin2020.

This may be true.

But here’s the thing, your sex life is not the problem, it’s the symptom.

You hating to give head, logging the frequency and specifics of sex, your waning libido, or explosive anger when he slaps your ass in your yoga pants are NOT THE PROBLEM.

These are symptoms of deeper, more nuanced problems.

Your stories of motherhood
taking up space
being vulgar
taking yourself seriously
slowing down
feeling all the shit, shame, & anxiety of LIFE
unwinding trauma
Your fantasies
D E S I R E & P L E A S U R E

We get to go so deep in 6 months.

The results my clients have?

launching creative businesses
Raising their rates
Getting published
Getting divorced
Not getting divorced
Healing their relationship with their mom
Parenting with fewer fights
Hot threesomes with ease and clear boundaries
Losing weight (or NOT) and rediscovering their passionate body
Initiating sex
Steamy boudoir photoshoots (and selfies)
Mind-blowing orgasms post-hysterectomy

… and of course an improved sex life overall.
and More FUCK YEAH energy (with less fucks given).

It is a gift beyond measure to invest in your pleasure.

Just hit reply and you can experience a consultation first hand.

Trust yourself.
Lean in & leap forward.

See you on your call. 


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