OH my life as a sex coach just gets better and better… and so I wanted to just share a funny story this afternoon with y’all.

This past Friday we lost internet (yeah, literally AT&T told me a country rodent nibbled the wires).

Of course, I coach via the internet and so I was quickly scouting places to coach my amazing women, however, my options were limited to places I could get to before 9:00 am.

Considering it was 8:30 and we live 20 mins from anywhere, my best option was my parent’s house.

Sweet. Rescheduling averted!

So I race over there (which is not hard considering we’re neighbors) and set up my laptop.

My dad graciously asking if I need any help.

Nope.  Thanks!

Earbuds in, wifi solid, background neutral, lighting great…

I begin my first call.

Mind-blowing sex is reported! This is amazing.

I ask her to tell me exactly she created these results since we don’t believe in flukes in Lydialand.

So like diligent detectives (sex sleuths?) we go to work analyzing her mindset, the build-up meeting up with another swinging couple, her birthday “vibe” that created additional sexual tension, and that morning’s context.

And then the exact position of her hips, his cock, her g spot, her nipple stimulation, and of course the ensuing gush of female ejaculate which soaked the sheets and truly mind-blowing….

knock knock door creaks open…

my mom is at the door sweetly asking if I got the internet up ok…



Oh, and do I need any water?

ACH! no mom.. I’m fine, just umm close the door.  I’m good. echem.


*insert classic momentary teenager angst flashback followed by a chuckle.

ahhhh my life.

Continue, I say… where we’re we?

Apparently, I am now the woman that can COACH ANYTHING with my mom at the door.

Did she actually hear anything?

Well, while my client’s story was only in my earbuds, I can tell you I can be a loud and animated coach.

I smiled to myself and just kept NOT shying away from anything through my morning calls.

I went on to coach fanfuckingtastic women, opening the doors to bigger breakthroughs, owning their sex genius, and getting super clear how they are creating massive pleasure left and right in their bodies and marriages.

All while sitting on a little stool at the foot of my parent’s bed.


What exactly IS normal these days anyway?

SO, keep killing it my ladies of the night (and morning and naught nooner and beyond!).

Your pleasure is top of my mind, no matter the wifi connection.

If you too want some loud, brassy coaching where even YOU don’t know what might come up, send me a note and we’ll get you diving into the best stuff of your life.

muchos besitos,

OH and here’s this week’s BNM– W A T E R
Hot white steam
Grey mist
Brilliant turquoise
Endless open-hearted azure
Mossy creekside meanderings
Deep jade lagoon
Dark stormy power
Deep midnight majesty💧
FEEEEEL IT woman and come breathe with me.
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Bare Naked Meditation #19 Waterfall