I hear you.

You are doing SOO much.

AND it’d be so much easier if the kids would just pick up their toys for ONCE.

And he would pay just a little more attention.

And if the number on the scale was just a little lower.

And money wasn’t such a problem and it was easy to fix shit and buy the pretty things.

And, well, the damn list goes on and on.

I mean common, it feels like moving mountains to feel better right?

So, forgive the cliche analogy, but if moving mountains is impossible, try finding a different trail.

As in, what if the “things” didn’t have to change?

Pleasure is a decision in your brain FIRST. 

You don’t have to fix your body or your husband or your house in order to experience electric pleasure EVERYWHERE.

SURE SURE lyd, easier said than done… what do I just stop caring and let the house go to shit and let the kids turn to wild hellions?

Do I just let my husband get away with his antics?


and not exactly.

Imagine the difference between waking up on the wrong side of the bed and waking up with a hella good hair day.

One morning your raging from before you set your feet on the ground.

And the other, you’re like unstoppable. Things roll off your back, you smell your coffee, you laugh at the kids silly shenanigans.

You use the word shenanigans instead of other doomy explicitives.

Your brain is the most powerful thing in the world.

YOUR brain.

In YOUR life.

Right now.

So why are you making things harder than they need to be?

Don’t curse the mountain,
Change your perspective.

It makes your trek WAAAAY more pleasurable.

OK, for help to navigating your particular mountain of shit, let’s set up a time to talk and see how fucking awesome working with your own Pleasure Coach can be.


OH and here’s this week’s BNM– move with your erotic awareness. SOO good.

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