The divine feminine is your birthright.

ya ya ya… I KNOW.

You may have heard this… but what does this MEAN?

We are all masculine and feminine.
Like Yin and Yang.

Let’s use the garden analogy.

Feminine energy: I’ll envision the lush garden of life and color.

Masculine energy: OK, I’ll buy seeds, tools, soil. Dig into ground. Water it.

Feminine energy: I’ll trust they are alive. patiently nurture slowly. Be talking to the spirit of the plants, even when they aren’t blooming.

Masculine: hmmmmm maybe more watering. more plants? buy bigger plants?

Feminine: wait. listen. trust. Magic is happening.
I can feel my masculine (which is the conditioning of our capitalist patriarchal system at it’s finest) ALWAYS rushing… working… doing… nagging…fixing… hands-on molding and creating.


It’s also the “I SHOULD be -ing”

We need the action.  Of course we need the masculine.

But without the feminine trust and intention, it’s just a bunch of hustling and overwatering.

When I forget the POWER of the feminine, I discredit the power of slow tending, observation, and inviting what I want to COME TO ME.

Like Aphrodite.

The imagination.

The mystery of not knowing.

The trust in something bigger than my actions.

I am collaborating with my seeds, my ideas, my world.

Not forcing and fixing.


Summon your dormant Feminine Power.


It will feel like doing less.

Leaning back into your skin.



Allowing your body to speak, vibe, and “feel” into things.


Creativity is born here. 


Inspiration is sustainable here. 

Gardens thrive in the Feminine.


What is your garden?



Your body, sex life, parenting, temper, career, marriage, prayer, heartbeat.

Embody your badass, confident, passive femme and things will COME TO YOU like a goddess you are!



Bare Naked Meditation #15: Inviting Aphrodite 

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