I know, I knowwww, meditation is on your to-do list.

You’ll get around to it as soon as you find the right app,
A quiet morning
Alone time away from all the “others” at home
A lavender pillow
Some time to focus
And nurturing self-care routine (umm whatever that means… šŸ¤”it must mean meditating, right?)

That’s allll kinda great. (heavy eye roll)
AND it’s total bullshitĀ keeping you wound up and fully clothed.

Studies show thatĀ just 2min a day of mindful breathingĀ significantlyĀ reduces stress, builds patience, & increases focus.Ā 

Mindfulness gently guides you intoĀ greater ease & deeper pleasure.

In just 2min.Ā 
Done (sorta) regularly šŸ˜‰

SO! This week I have 5 short daily meditations for you.

Designed for being nakedĀ and feelin good.

Click below for your private playlist…

Bare Naked Meditation #9-13: 2-min Shower Side SeriesĀ 



Enjoy your Body NOW.