Your mind is a battle field. 

Uh, duh, you kinda know that, but are you fighting for the BEST parts of yourself?

Claim and defend your many love stories. 

Your life is made up of countless moments.

You are a woman decades into life.

But you are also the girl swept off her feet at sunset.

And in love under sandy palm trees.

And intoxicatedly in heat in New York City.

And madly enchanted under the Colorado mountain stars.

You are ALL these women, so don’t forget yourself.

I had a dream last night about ex-boyfriend.

We found each other along a busy street and walked together into the dusky evening.

It felt platonic… 😯mostly….

I woke up nostalgic and missing something…
But mostly myself in that era of my life.

My free and unattached youth when all-consuming passion, art and poetry colored everything in my life.

So what do we do with our memories, so often unvisited, of our previous lovers …

And more importantly, our previous SELVES as lovers to others.

Don’t abandon your former self as OFF-LIMITS.

Keep returning to your memories as cherished, playful, ferocious, fuck-loving friends, saving the BEST parts.

Find the 🎶 playlist of ole.
And stroll through the past bedrooms you’ve known.
The former romantic getaways.
The lingering afternoons spent naked and laden with infatuation.
How has your love life been star studded?

Your highlight reel gives you GOLD for reminding you the context which you can still find useful.

I help my clients UNDERSTAND more pieces to the pleasure puzzle we all need to feel sexy, desired and connected.

So MINE your 💎 memories!
Notice the patterns.
Take the best parts.
Love yourself as an amazing lover.

Ready for more sparks for your own life?
Drop me a line to see how 1:1 Pleasure Coaching will work for you.

Oh oh oh! and this week’s meditation will also help guide you right down pleasure lane. 

Get solo.

Be naked.
Light up your memory.

Here’s This Week’s BNM link: #6 Pleasure Memory




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