When you wake up in morning and look around the room, what do you feel?

And, when you step into your bedroom after FINALLY being done with the day, what do you feel then?

For better or worse, your bedroom holds energy.

I’ll even say, it’s a sacred container for you… and your man… and your marriage.

We create that energy and then react to it.

It can be your sanctuary to replenish and reconnect.

Or it can be a shit show.

(echem, just like life).

I used to walk into my bedroom and heave an annoyed sigh.

It was like the room itself gave me anxiety.

It felt cluttered and unkempt.

And random.

I had decades of things that had accumulated, a broken Ikea dresser and dirty laundry.

It was a sort of conglomerate of kids room, kitchen sink, office mess, garage, attic…

Even when I cleaned, my bedroom NEVER felt “intensional”

Incidentally, my LIFE felt the same way.

If sex for you feels like a chore and you’re mentally all cluttered,

I can help you change ALL that crap bedroom vibe.

In fact, your bedroom can help you sleep and fuck like a queen.

And, it’s such a fun place to start.

Let’s have your bedroom serve 3 sacred purposes.


You’re bedroom is not like any other room in the house.

It can be untouchable by the outside world.

I like to think of my bedroom as

My marriage room.

My cocoon.

Our space to relax, sleep, connect, make love, and beautify myself before and after the day.

Everything in my room supports these intimate intensions.

Everything else, gets removed.

Dishes, screens, bookshelves, storage, toys, family photos, guitars, nope.

Creating a lux love life and a fabulous nest is so much more than tips and tricks.

Waking up in your dream bedroom bedroom is possible.

With tons better sleep, sex, and beauty.

Want some guidance for your own Sexual Nesting? Click below for the video… or read on…

I help my clients do just this.

–> Set a simple intension for your bedroom, ex. Room, you’re for sleep and sex. Remove things that don’t “fit” this purpose.

–> Start a IG ALBUM or Pinterest board of your favorite looks & find the patterns you love (colors, textures, feelings, etc)

–> Let the room speak to you – Sit with your space. Let it breathe. Listen to what it needs. Be patient. Start with small changes.

–> Collaborate with your partner

–> Make one simple change today — declutter? take down kids pictures? make the bed? keep it simple and start making a room of intension!
Please send me a note for more help!  It’s so much fun.

This week’s meditation will also help you do just that.

Get solo.

Be naked.

Infuse your home with adoration, light and love!

Here’s This Week’s BNM link: #5 Your Home is Your Sanctuary