Are your eyes wide open?

We say we’re a visual culture, but what are you seeing?
Do you see what delights you?

What do you see that does NOT?


So often we opt to focus all our attention to seeing the negative… it’s exhausting, right?


So I challenge you to see the good, the pleasure, the divine design all around you.


And within you.


Look at your bare body.


You’ll have lots of thoughts.


Notice these.


Notice when you want to shame, judge, contort, and degrade.


Notice the parts that get ignored and forgotten.


NOW. Let’s talk about looking at your most intimate parts.

How intimately do you know yourself?


With gentle curiosity, observe the look of yourself. Like grab a mirror, get in a weird position and take a look!

Notice the colors, shapes, hair, textures… what do you think?

You’re normal and perfect btw.

Research shows at that “50% of women worry about whether their vulva looks “normal”, 20% of women don’t know what it’s supposed to look like, but 1 in every 7 women has considered getting plastic surgery on it.” (Lunette)

Where do you fall in the mix? Don’t be shy, we’re friends here. You can look and notice what you’re thinking and feeling.

This week’s meditation will help you do just that.

Get solo.

Be naked.

Take a look & behold!





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(ART above by Charlotte )