We’ve made it half way to California to the Land of Enchantment.


New Mexico has a sage-scented, star-dusted magic to it.  Open, expansive, and calm.


But up until last night as we entered this state, our move from South Florida to Sacramento has seemed a far cry from enchanted.


In fact, I’ve been trying to send this email for three days and it hasn’t happened until now because


  1. RV living, spotty wifi, and a slew of calamities
  2. I’ve been moody as hell.



“P L E A S U R E ” seems like a frivolous luxury to consider only after the Advil kicks in, ya know, next week.


I get why moving is ranked one of life’s most stressful events.

The purging, packing, negotiating, kid juggling, and now, the actual trekking.

Oh, and the wild PMS, headache and period.

And leaving two days late.


And the current sizzling hot bed of Covid known as the entire American South & SouthWest. 


Then the blown tire in BFE Alabama at 9pm,
the fried power steering,
the tow truck,
the unloading and reloading of our ENTIRE moving truck onto a NEW truck at dawn,
the overflowing sewage tank throughout our RV while driving,
navigating three giant trucks through Dallas construction,
broken air conditioning in Amarillo…
and the endless Docusign paperwork at every rest stops in order to close on the house in California.


SO. This is life.


This is how we DO pleasure at times when it seems “impractical.”


You simplify.


You take care of your basics.


Drink water.

Sleep when you can.

Eat something that feels good, when you can.

Go pee when you need to.


Find your sunglasses.

Brush your teeth and wash your face, when you can.

Wear a sundress.

Create some quiet time.


Sometimes these basics will seem hard, unnecessary and a pain in the ass.


Remind yourself…the micro pleasures will save you.
Amplify them by 2%.


Be present in the sensation of drinking cold water.

Take in the lavender sky at dusk, moments after sunset.

Feel the soft cotton blanket on your skin.

Remind yourself that simple pleasures comfort, soften and expand you.



Find your way back to your bigger orgasmic pleasure as you see fit.


The gift of your orgasm is, in fact, always an option… even in crazy making circumstances.





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Your Pleasure Coach


👏🏼Amazing 👏🏼Summer 👏🏼Sex is yours!💋