So, six months ago I hired my first life coach.

I literally posted this picture that day. (Check out my stories today from that day)

It’s true, I almost threw up & then moments later my car died.

Fast forward to now, and I just finished my final session with her.

She coached every week for six months… everything from business, my family, my marriage, my move, bravery in talking on social media about sex, my OWN sex life… everything.

The work we did changed how I think on a granular and grandiose way.

But the day I decided to hire her?

I wasn’t so sure.

I knew I wanted a life coach, but the actual “pulling the trigger” felt like a ton of bricks.

What if I can’t hack it?

What if my life DOESN’T change that much?

I SHOULD know how to feel better, for free, on my own.

What if Jeremy freaks the F out and says I CAN’T spend money on something as weirdly frivolous as a life coach.

Is it all woo and no “plan” to make my life better?

But, deep down, I wanted to believe that I actually was an AMAZING INVESTMENT.

I wanted to KNOW I was worth it.

SO. I sat there, sweating, reading her website, debating, hedging my bets on myself and then,

I took a leap, pushed PAY and held my breath for a second.

Then, I kid you not, I looked up and my idle car was engulfed in smoke.

My car literally choked that day with a big, cosmic pressure valve release.

SO, if you are feeling tempted and terrified to know how coaching is different than reading countless self-help articles, listening to podcasts, “waiting” for something to shift, and “trying” everything to change your life, I HEAR YA.

In that moment, I made a different decision and I could feel my life change.

I did transform.

I took responsibility in my own investment and my role in changing my marriage, my coaching career, and my life.

I felt so afraid, broke and insecure BUT my courage to trust my own self-worth CHANGED ME.

And THAT sweaty, hopeful moment, engulfed in fumes, was priceless.

My life has changed dramatically in the past six months and it literally came from me making one courageous, hard decision at a time.

Keep going my friend.

Keep leaning into the scary things that evolve you.



Your Pleasure Coach