Are you tapped into your wild, vibrant femininity?

That fire in you that lights up your whole body, turns you ON and creates passion all over your life.

Maybe you felt more like that when you were in college or living abroad long ago… or like that wedding a decade ago.

Before marriage, kids, work and all this … juggling…. and waiting.

Ya know, the thing is, that light & effervescence wasn’t never lost.

It will not come from more clothing, more date nights, more money, more control, more time, or better behaved kids.

It also won’t come “later”

It comes from digging into what matters most to you and the stories you tell yourself that turn you OFF.

The past two months have seen me through two massive shame storms.

When I decided to start talking about pleasure, I had a feeling I’d be uprooting layers upon layers of my own baggage.

My own stories of “less than”
Too “vanilla”
Too much, yet not wild enough
Too awkward
Not worldly, or womanly enough.

But, today I have a completely different sense of myself and who I can profoundly support.

I am not an extreme sex enthusiast, kinky exhibitionist, therapist or nudist hippie in the woods.

I’m Lydia.

Quirky, vibrant, full of light and clarity… and TURNED ON.

I walk around KNOWING my pleasure and femininity is connected to a wonderful sex life… and from my MIND.

Your sexuality is a powerhouse of energy, creativity, ease and truth.

AND sex is also just an action that can come out of shame, guilt, anger, boredom, stress, or any another emotion.

My mission is to help you step into your most VIBRANT, feminine self.

This is not one way, one look, or one size fits all.

But will be 100% your most honest self.

Trust this and the deeper parts that want more from your marriage, your career and of course your life-giving body.

You are wild. 
You are vibrant.
You are so feminine.

When you’re ready to step further into the jungle of your wild femininity, give me a nudge back.