I had this idea this week as I was taking a morning walk with my vagina.

Yes. I do take walks sensing, feeling, and communing with my vagina and you should too!

So, I listen to my body like a radio 📻 ✨

I have stations transmitting music, stories, news reports from all over my body…. and of course, my vagina is radiating a low vibration of steamy wisdom.

This is true all the time for you too.

Problem is, most the time you have it locked on the static, which makes you want to shut the whole thing OFF.

I can help you turn back ON by tuning back in to your own frequencies.

Your head.
Your heart.
Your womb.

These are the deepest, most bare parts of you.

But hello, I get it, it is ALSO hard to get through the numbing static, especially if you don’t want to hear the programming.

Let me help.

I am hosting a guided sensual meditation this Thursday, 5/21 at 11am ET (ala zoom, minus video). •

Ladies, we will start naked with your awareness & add the breath.

Turning on your
Love &

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PS. If you’re sitting here, intrigued yet feeling a little unsure what coaching would look like for you, let’s chat. You’ll not only get a clear sense of how I work but we’ll also create a luscious road map on how you can create your most lovely sex life.