Your thoughts are like undies. Ya got your Granny Pannies, the cheapo Victoria’s Secret stash and the super comfortable Soma bikinis.

  1. The Granny Panty:

These thoughts come up as the old, dumpy rhetoric you still use to berate yourself. You KNOW they’re bad, but you can’t throw them out for some weird reason.

Granny panty thoughts sound like:

  • I’m never going to make it
  • I’m a tubby blob
  • I am #momfail x 1000
  • It’s impossible (for ME and mostly me WHHHAAAA)

Duh, these suck. We can all agree, yeah?

These thoughts shove themselves unabashedly up in your business, never look good in any light and if they fell out of your gym bag you’d be mortified.

  1. The Faux Sexy:

These are the cheap slutty undies you bought trying to summon up your vavavoom inner French woman, however instead of making you feel confident and gorgeous, these itchy bitches ride you all day and leave you in a simmering state of inadequacy, discontent and quiet, unsettled rage.

These cheeky thoughts sound like:

  • I should be making more money by now
  • I gotta get my kids to eat healthier rainbow
  • I deserve better
  • It’s time to get a big grown up mortgage
  • I need a break from this meal plan thing

We know we want to ditch the Granny Panties, but the sexy ones SEEM so important, cool, & helpful.

But these thoughts ITCH. They make us feel unworthy, entitled, and frustrated, and interestingly, we NEVER question the thought itself.

For example, you’re hosting a dinner party tonight.
The enticing, lacy thought would be, “I want everything to be perfect.”

But instead of feeling confident, this thought makes you feel tight and pressured… with an ounce of shame over the state of your house, your cooking and your Tarzan children.

Instead of graceful and enchanting, you show up tense, distracted and bitchy to your family. You over invite, people-please, demand your husband reads your VERY CLEAR body language and secretly are just waiting for the night to be over so you can relax.

Your alluring thought, “I want everything to go perfectly,” made you so squirmy you barely showed up to enjoy the gloriously imperfect evening.

… Maybe… just maybe…

The problem is just a cheap, wedgie thought.

NOT you, your dear husband or rambo kiddies.

This is great news.

You don’t have to change anything or anyone.

You just have to hear the sentence in your brain that is getting you all twisted up.

Here’s my suggestion.
Invest in higher quality thoughts.

  1. The Vanishing Edge Soma Bikini.

These thoughts are well crafted, surprisingly sexy and FEEL AMAZING.
They may not be as familiar, but they won’t jam you up.

These audaciously flirty thoughts sound like:

  • I have the perfect amount of time
  • Money is flowing into my life… with ease!
  • I can really help my clients today
  • I am living in transformation
  • The hard stuff is SOOO worth it


Got your panties in a twist?
Slow down.

Pick that wedgie thought.
Toss the dumpy, itchy, faux sexy thoughts.

#uplevel your drawers and your mind and Invest in yourself.

YOU are SOOOO worth it.

I want you to decide how 2020 will FEEL.
Get yourself in the mood
make some magic and
get ready to slay some scary 2020 goals.


PS>  If you’re looking for more ways to craft intentional thoughts that keep you feeling good, living in transformation and moving forward,
Let’s Coach our way into the next century on your own terms. send me a note… 

PPS> Two years ago, in a post-partum hazy rage, I threw out all my stretched out Granny panties and spent all I could afford at the time on 5 pairs of incredible lace bikinis. They were attractive, ridiculously comfortable, and since they had silicon strips along the back edge, they literally NEVER wedgy.

BEST $100 ever invested.

Why wait to feel better?