If you’re planning on hosting a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner for friends and family OR just planning on attending a casual Friendsgiving, our best laid plans sometimes turn south into stress-town with too much bickering, family drama, over drinking and literally getting stuffed through the weekend.

Here are three ways to help create the BEST holiday next week AND tips to carry you through the holiday season.

*** Know what you cannot control: Your kids, your husband, your drunk aunt, your oven malfunctioning, Costco lines, that strange heat wave/blizzard, flight delays, traffic, all the things that happened last year, and:

Know what you can control: YOU.

  1. DECIDE how you want to FEEL

Seems like a no brainer that you’d want to feel gracious and loving on Thanksgiving, but we actually have to keep reminding ourselves… and not in a panicked THIS SHOULD BE SO PERFECT AND IT ISN’T sort of way.  I’m suggesting that as the week starts decide the energy you want to create all week and keep checking in with YOURSELF.

Imagine it all going perfectly and pinpoint that feeling.

Imagine it all going to shit, and see if you can still tap into that feeling.

Maybe the dog eating the pumpkin pie is funny.  Maybe the neighbor boy getting a bloody nose on the trampoline is par for the course.  Maybe the TV doesn’t work and everyone gets to gather around your son’s TV for the football game.

The day can go haywire and you can still create the energy of gratitude, love and humor.

  1. CREATE a “thought plan”

How you THINK matters because what we think we create. I like to create a plan to help your mind stay out of the dumps and stress storm.

The reason you feel gracious and thankful is not actually because the family loves your turkey and the house is immaculate… It’s because you’re thinking, the day is perfect, I love my family, I am an amazing host, my husband is the perfect party host. Intentionally think thoughts that help you stay in the spirit. Our thoughts are always optional and the root of our stress, anxiety and disappointment.

  1. PLAN like a boss 

If you think this all sounds good and dandy but then are saying LYD, really, have you tried to get 12 hot dishes on the table at the same moment? Have you seen the amount of shinanegans the boys get into when they get together? We need some pressure and stress here. Here’s my strategy:

Think like a boss.

  • Write down EVERY last detail on your to-do list
  • Prioritize that list
  • Create a time frame from each item
  • Calendar – after your essentials, work, appointments, events, self care is entered INPUT EVERYTHING
  • OBEY & SLAY THE CALENDAR like a boss

Sometimes the calendar seems like a tedious, non-important tool for OCD freaks who love to micro manage.  I hear ya. BUT the reality is that when we learn to map it all out and then trust that we’ll follow through, we are offered so much freedom.

No more list hoarding in your head.

No more wasting time in indecision.

This is how to get it all done in the energy you desire.

With that my friends, let me know what are YOUR favorite holiday feel good hacks? I am always interested 🙂

Happy travels and turkey!