About a year ago I began a journey.

I didn’t know where I was headed, but all I really knew was
I wanted to feel better.

I busied myself with home spa remedies and how-to DIY Wellness Mama articles to make myself “useful” as a stay at home mom.

I read series of French books, blogs and podcasts of how to be more chic and considering wearing scarves and sexy underwear.

I started doing Pilates everyday.

I read money mindset books.

I consulted an Intuit.
I was all about DOING MORE to try and feel better.
ughhhghghgh news flash… DOING a shit ton out of anxiety and desperation feels just as shitty.

Until you land on something that changes your thinking.

During my call with the fabulous intuit, it dawned on me that I wanted to be a “pleasure seeker”… I didn’t know what that meant exactly.

But all I knew is that I was under the heel of my own life and desperately needed to find a way to express myself and get turned on by life again.

P L E A S U R E  +  S E E K E R

What does that word PLEASURE bring up for you my dear friend?

False/ True
Honoring your Soul
Good Vibes all day every day
Turned on

What do YOU make pleasure mean?

For me this year it has been a journey of seeking.
A trial and error of what makes me light up.

I discovered Life Coaching.
My thinking.
My power.

As humans, survival means we have a primal yearnings that keep us alive.
We seek pleasure.
We avoid pain.
We seek efficiency.

So in our innocent efforts we find pleasure in the easy, quick fixes… the DOING, eating, consuming, drinking, quitting, scrolling, the Netflixing.

Fleeting pleasures abound.

For me that has shows up as

  • Quitting two jobs to make more “time” (sweet relief! THEN that dreadful overwhelm again).
  • Spending money on my credit card for things I hope will make me happier
  • Procrastination
  • Indecision
  • Ignoring my bedtime
  • Drinking that 3rd glass of wine

In my efforts to feel happier, I self-sabbotage.

Deep, fulfilling pleasures are present in my life & they take awareness, commitment and nurturing.

Pleasure is a feeling.
Feelings come from thoughts.
Creating favorable, feel good thoughts is a great place to start.

All the actions come after.

Maybe it’s long walks by a river, reading alone, a bubble bath, dark chocolate, hot passionate sex, or showing up to write an email on a Friday afternoon (aka building my legacy;).

To become a pleasure seeker, you must begin with the intention to get intimate with yourself, your essence. 

SO think of these 6 principles when it comes to creating pleasure in your life… These reflect ways to BE with yourself:

1. INTIMACY – how well do you know YOURSELF and your essence?

2. EXPECTATION – What are your expectations and goals for yourself? What do you make it mean about you when they are not met? Do you use these as a way to punish and reward yourself?

3. PRIORITY – do you make yourself and the things that feed your soul a daily priority?

4. IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL – are you willing to love yourself till eternity and through “thick and thin” ?

5. VULNERABILITY – are you honest with yourself? Do you make room for all the tender parts of your life?

6. TREASURING  – Do you treasure, celebrate and honor yourself and what makes you shine?

Step into YOUR Pleasure Seeker.  

Starting next week I’ll be running a Pleasure Seeker workshop in my free Facebook Group Crash Bang Color Lab diving into these 6 principals. So get in there!

If you want to feel better, have more fun, more ease, & more good vibes in life, business, relationships, health…

This is for you.

If you’re ready for some personal attention on this journey and TURN UP THE HEAT, let’s COACH.

Happy pleasure seeking this weekend friends!




(thanks to Life Coach Rachel Hart for these guiding principals!)

Pleasure Curious? Your life, business, body and tribe are nudging your to discover your authentic, electric and aligned Pleasure Seeker.  send me a note