My super powers are real.

They are those sweet, weird, sparkling parts of me that I always try to separate.

I am mom 🌈
Life coach 💥
Playdate mom friend
Biz Coach for mompreneurs 🤓
Pilates teacher
Self love pusher💃🏻
Raggaeton enthusiast🚨
Lover of Color🌅
Dreamer 🦄

In my mind these are separate, weird to mix & confusing versions of myself to overlap.

But guys, my morning revelation is these ARE my superpowers!

I get to be my own unicorn of amazingness, authority and expert in my brand of uniqueness! #faceplants & #fuckups welcome!

Whats your superpower mix?

Whats your reason to separate all the versions of your beautiful, colorful self?

  • people will judge
  • I need more privacy
  • I don’t mix business with pleasure
  • I don’t want people to judge me
  • But what about my positioning? my audience?

I’m telling you, YOU in all your flaws and weird quirks are the reason anyone is listening to you. If you’re being courageously authentic, you will shine like a beacon to those seeking what you’re serving.

Let all your colors mix, you will simply feel so much more vibrant.



PS. if you’re feeling stuck with your immeasurable powers, send me a note and I can help you create a super power plan!