Let’s talk about your relationship with your business as if it were a real person.

So, how would you describe your partnership?

Secret crush?

Passionate new fling?

Romantic honeymoon?

On the rocks?

Hot and cold?

Kinda distant and lofty with “unmet” needs?

Late night fights and make up “inspiration”?

Booooooring, tired roommates?

Ready to pack your bags and peace out?

The thing is we want our work to feel like rainbows and passion,  sparkles and pure inspiration all the time. We start off dreaming and starry eyed and then once the day-to-day work gets tough, your first fight, a big rejection, some heartbreaking disappointment … we start to resent our work.

We often look to our jobs to make us feel better, worthy and secure in the world.

The problem is our job cannot make us feel anything.

In fact, it’s a pretty risky expectation, considering owning a business comes with failure, trial and error, and sometimes costly learning curves.

Our THINKING creates our feeling, NOT our business.

Work, even when it’s our life’s passion and purpose, will not always “feel” exciting, spicy and motivating. In fact, consistently nurturing and tending the blogs, serving your customers, doing the reach-outs, showing up for  networking events, and creating free offerings takes discipline, trust, selflessness and commitment.

Sound familiar?

Not the most “exciting” feelings, but over time, you cultivate a deeper reliance on yourself and your mind as the fuel and bedrock to your success.

If you are in a bickering love war with your business, I have the BEST news ever.

YOU are the problem and YOU are the answer!

Your business: the work, the meetings, the other people, the tasks, the sales DON’T HAVE TO CHANGE.

When we start taking responsibility for the quality of our thinking and feeling and stop blaming our poor, sweet business, we get ALL the power back. We get to decide how we want to feel to get it all done.

I’m guessing your kinda done feeling bitter, resentful, burnt-out, broke and judgey, yeah? 

Are you willing to own your thinking?

Are you willing to feel the discomfort of discipline? Of disappointment?

What if you could believe nothing is a problem until I make it one?

Allow your business to be innocent.

Allow your business to be there simply to love, nurture and adore.

How would you show up if there were no “problems” in your business, just “thought errors”.


Let your work be the good guy.


It isn’t necessary to feel sexy ALL the time, but damn, don’t  you want to get a little more turned ON by this amazing beast of a business you have right in front of you?



  1. Make a list of what you consider to be problems in your business (time, meetings, inspiration, teammates, no one want to pay, etc)
  2. Identify your thought or belief that is behind the problem
  3. See it, I mean really see that as a thought you are choosing to think
  4. Hmm stay curious. Ask yourself why think that? Is it helpful? Does it serve me to think this? Do I like how it feels?
  5. Create some new thoughts to try on that feel a little better…. flirtatious, sweet, tender, curious, playful and maybe a little naughty 😉 go on, take some risks mama.


Getting stuck on this and need a little couples counseling?


Send me a little DM and I’ll give you some feed back!



Happy love making this week!

XO Lydia