Making offers.
You know, the asking for money party… Does it leave you feeling a little… exposed?

Well, if you’re ready to take your business up a notch, you’re gonna have to flaunt it a lil on the beach mama.

You will make money in your business.
So, consider if you’re really nailing these three things.

  1. Meeting as many people as you can.
  2. Creating a TON of value (ahead of time and over-delivering).
  3. Making offers. Like, a lot of amazing offers.
That’s it.If you look at this wee list and any part of it kinda makes you cringe, well, chances are you’re not making the kind of money you COULD.

Meet as many people as possible. If you are creating value and making offers and you’re not getting takers… expand your network. Talk to people like a normal person. Be interested. Listen. Compliment. Engage. This can be:

  • In general (Join the PTA, talk to more people like your neighbor, dentist, Lyft driver & the cool moms at pick up)
  • In person Networking & workshops (such a great practice ground for telling people what you do, without solicitation)
  • Online in groups – say hello, give value, don’t be salesy or creepy.

When you know more people and get really good at talking about what you do, when someone is ACTUALLY interested in your candles, they will ask you for more info… so don’t worry, no one wants you to be a weirdo stalker.

Provide sooooo much value.

Give it all away.
All your secrets.
Before anyone gives you a cent.
On social media, in emails, in person, in your craft…
If you’re SO good and people know all about it, they will want more.
Overdeliver every step of the way, like the angel of hope and badassery that you are.
Surprise, delight, inspire and serve your people, and it will ALL come back.

Make an uncomfortable amount offers.
I give you permission to be “that girl.”
It’s a beautiful thing.
People can have problems solved. You can get paid.
Give people permission to not like it, bc you will reach the ones who needs your help.
Dark rooms now have hand-made non-toxic beeswax candles.
Low backs now have fantastic Pilates Roll Ups to fix it.
Bored train commuters now have a hilarious ebook.
Tired mamas now have magical eye cream!

Make offers all day.
In different, creative, thoughtful, powerful, scary ways.
To serve your people.
How do you want your person to feel today? How do you want to inspire them into action?
Offering is love.
Receiving is gracious.
Let more people be served and pay you.
Make more offers.

My friends. Your gifts are here in you for a reason, don’t hog them to yourself, you gotta share!

In nakkie, beachy love,

PS. If you or a friend you know needs help cracking their own glass ceiling, I dig you! Click here to schedule a free session to see how you can meet more people, create authentic value and make some offers.

Why wait to create more time, more ease and more money, yeah? 

PPS. its still hot AF here in Florida, so come visit me and we’ll go streak straight to South Beach. 😉