Hello Hello!

Imagine with me for second.

Visualize this morning, sleepily hobbling over to your closet doors, creaking them open… what greets you?

The trumpeting delight of freedom, perfection and boundless optimism? Or perhaps the foreboding GOT dread of battling through a hot mess of ill-fitted, outdated, meh clothes, bags, jewelry, storage, and dusty coins… 😳 if that is the case, today may have started off ill-fitted & meh too. great.

I, like countless others in the “tidying” field, get excited about organizing, or at least the end result of it!  An organized space makes me feel open, clear headed, and relaxed.

Now, here’s my spin.

The way I organize my things is the SAME process as organizing my thoughts… and organizing your mind helps keep your space organized for good!

Your mind is like a house. It needs refreshing thoughts, clearing the old cobwebs out, and taking a little time to ORGANIZE and purge the thoughts that roadblock you.

So. Let us begin in that closet.

With each item in your closet, dump them in a pile… ask these questions:

1. IS IT USEFUL? (relevant, outdated, worn out, flattering, etc)

2. DO I LOVE IT? (Would I buy it again? Does is light me up?!)


4. SAY GOODBYE 👋 so you can say Hello to what will serve you moving forward.

I do the same with my thoughts.
Does this thought serve me? Do I love the way it makes me feel?
If not, say ta-ta to all that outdated, ill-fitted thinking that keep you spinning, regretting, stalling and angsting.

Whats the hardest thing for you to get rid of?
What areas of your home tend to get overwhelmed most?

For me: Old notebooks and journals! Its like tossing out my brain, buuut will I ever re-read them??
My desk gets loco very quickly, so taking the wee bit of time to process and recycle papers is key for me!

Need a little help with tricky things to say goodbye too? Send me DM and I can help!

With love and breathing room,

Lydia the Life Coach
PS. Watch both videos and check out today’s IG stories for my closet before and afters! I want to see YOUR before & afters too!