Are you ready to take the HOLIDAYS by storm?

I want you envision being a sassy badass at the fireside, lounging at swanky wine dinner, or wearing that wispy New Year’s number… Are you ready? Do you hear yourself wince a little and say something along the lines of “I MUST LOOSE THIS SCHLUBBY WEIGHT… NOW… ugh, maybe tomorrow.”

LEZbe honest, so many of us wonder how many Pilates sessions it’s going take to look smoking in that holiday garb…or a the very least, get those spanks ON 😉

So, here’s the deal.  Pilates is Ahmazing for toning, lengthening and balance (to name just a few). But Pilates is not a weight loss plan, particularly in this day and age where we have endless “healthy” processed food snacks, bottomless mimosas at 10am and crazy ever-changing daily schedules.

If you’re ready to lose weight for Summer, let’s talk about weight coaching.  I am now excited to offer a 12 week jump-start weight loss program.  We target the underlying reasons for WHY you’re not at your ideal weight and by New Year’s Eve you’ll be ready for fireworks.

I’ve been practicing a little brain hack called The Urge Jar introduced to me by my Life Coaching mentor Brooke Castillo.  This method has helped countless people manage their minds, understand cravings and finally achieve sustainable weight loss. Here’s the nuts and bolts of the program:

For 12 weeks we will:

  1. Write down EXACTLY what & when you will eat tomorrow (no flour, no sugar is a great place to start, but we can tailor this to YOU).
  2. Eat ONLY what’s on that plan
  3. ALLOW and feel the craving / urge.  Anytime you have an urge to eat something that isn’t written down, allow the urge… This means, “sit” in that emotion without resisting (white knuckling), or reacting to it (caving in and eating off plan). Eik! I’ll coach you how to do this with calm curiosity.
  4. If you allow the urge and experience the feeling without eating, place one glass marble in a clear jar.  Your brain will love the reward of seeing the jar fill up!
  5. Track your weight each morning and write it on the page where you’ve written your food. This helps see how the weight loss or gain is correlating to how you’re eating.
  6. Goal: 100 allowed urges

There are a TON more details within these steps but this is the simplicity of it. The reason it works so well is based on the brain science of training your Prefrontal Cortex, your planning and thinking brain, to have authority over your food decisions INSTEAD OF your Primitive impulsive brain, which is designed for immediate gratification (my primal brain wants chocolate snacks right NOW. In bed. To help me write this post).

  • We re-habituate the brain reward system.
  • We learn how to process the emotions that are causing us to overeat & overdrink.
  • We tackle the excuses like planning, traveling, eating out and stress snacking.
  • We track it all, tweak the protocol if needed, and say “bring on the URGES!”

Literally as you see the marbles of “allowed urges” accumulate in your pretty jar, your brain will begin to crave gathering up marbles over snacking in the kitchen late at night. The excitement you get from seeing the marbles accumulate will match the excitement you feel watching the scale tip.

Curious for more?
Let’s schedule a mini session to dive in.

With love and pretty marbles,
Lydia, the Life Coach