My Friends!


Shit is getting real here, and I want you to come with me.

You are meant for some crazy amazing things.
You deserve subtle, sweet changes that brighten life.
You CAN follow to your tiny whisper of inclines.
You have the capability to earn what your WORTH.
You can do


Do you see that?  Do you FEEL that? I needed to write that, for myself right now.

Today is a big day.

My little heart is racing and I’m feeling so nervous…
put some red lipstick on.
breathe again.
Ok now, I’m mostly EXCITED.

Today is my final coaching practicum with The Life Coach School and I’ll soon have my official coaching fairy wings!


Here’s what’s changing! No more Zoom Pilates sessions, new IG handle, New email (coming soon), new pricing & Life Coaching packages, new website: Lydia Feldman Coaching.

Same vibe, same energy.
More “real” clothing and less rolling around on mats.

So why follow a life coach?

It is ALL about you my friend.
Let’s fall in love.
You fall in love with YOU –
(I already love you, duh).

Try this:

  1. Make a list of the top 10 things you want to DO or HAVE or FEEL. (Ex. Travel to paris, feel connected to your husband, make $100,000)
  2. Pick your top 5
  3. Prioritize the list
  4. Notice – WHY did you chose this order? What’s your #1?
  5. Are you currently living in line with these priorities? Think about what you did yesterday. Does it reflect your list?
  6. What needs to change to align with your top priorities?

Here’s my top 5:

  1. Manage my thinking so I can life my life FULLY
  2. Connected time with my family
  3. Produce a TON of value in my business by serving people (and make a ton of money in return)
  4. Keep my body healthy with how I eat, move and sleep.
  5. Travel and contribute to the world

When I look at yesterday, I fell short on, um, ALL of these. But more than ever before, I’m bringing my life into better alignment for what I truly want.  Coaching myself and getting coached has been the key to this for me. What needs to change for me?

  • I need to keep getting out of my own way
  • put my phone down when I’m with my kids
  • stay consistent in my business
  • value my self-care practices more fully

What does YOUR Priority list look like today?

If you’re not quite aligned with your priorities and could use a little more “badassery” in life? Here are three ways I can help YOU:

  1. Read me: FIND what you’re looking for in my emails  & posts
  2. Follow me:  IG @lydiafeldmancoaching 
  3. Talk to me – (just click here) my consultations are always free & can be a life-changing hour.

You are so worth.

The world needs your magic NOW more than ever.


“There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
– William Shakespeare