Does indecision gotcha spinning in slow motion? As in, do you always need time to “feel it out” and “think it over for a while” and “with a bit more information” you can “consider it”….later…?

I know, I was in that slow boat for a long time. How do you get out of the rut and see big, awesome changes in your life?

Make decisions strongly.

Eliminate these words from your vocabulary:

“I don’t know”
“I’m not sure”
“Let me see what happens”
“Let me sleep on it (for three weeks)”
“Not yet”

These phrases seem logical and cautiously helpful, but they stall us in the land of limbo. They leave us dangling and at the mercy of others, “fate”, the “universe,” time and our own fears. We waste so much mental energy here!  Imagine if your eyes were focusing and then un-focusing over and over, eventually your eyes would get tired, you’d get a headache and give up. Our minds are just the same way, the more indecisive we are, the harder it is to focus. It becomes exhausting. We want to forget all about it and go eat some crackers. No decision made. No traction in business. No progress in weight loss. No extra money in savings. Two years later we feel like nothing has changed in life.

MY FRIENDS! There IS clarity when you look for it.

Ask yourself what you want. THEN love your reason. Make a decision and stick with it.

No here’s the real kicker.

ALL decisions are neutral – neither good or bad. Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so, right?

All decisions are perfect.

Here’s what will help move you forward

  • Make a strong yes or no
  • Love your reason & own it
  • Commit & take action
  • Evaluate after a certain amount of time
  • Re-decide

SO much time saved!
STRONG, COMMITTED decisions free up valuable brain power so you’ll feel more relaxed with more energy and confidence to start taking more action in your life.

This is not about being impulsive.

Liberate your time and mind. There are no bad decisions.

Remember, it is never the decisions or options on the table that make you happy, it’s always your thinking about them. So go spring clean some decisions that have been nagging at you. Decide / Re-decide Strongly to

  • Start the business
  • Wait one year
  • Finish the book
  • Move across country
  • Decline the offer
  • Book the tickets
  • Loose the weight…

Then commit to the decision, especially when it’s uncomfortable! That’s how we evolve.

What will YOU decide today?

Ok I have to go make some badass final decisions for my NEW WEBSITE – coming so very soon.

With big decided love,
Lydia, the Life Coach

“Decide to want what IS, or decide to change.” – Brooke Castillo