Happy Fri-YAY my beautiful friends!

It’s full swing Fall here in South Florida, which pretty much feels like summer any place else.  With a renewed focus on self care this month and year, I am so excited to explore different ways to feel amazing… for the sake of simply feeling amazing.  So far I’ve been creating better skincare routines, better sleep environment and routines (yay mattress shopping today!), and PLAY (aka anything that feels good and fun).

Why? Let me tell you, this is NOT about looking younger or going on more vacations… For me, it’s about finding my center and what makes me happy and healthy so I can have a vibrant life. Also, in case you haven’t noticed yet, it is impossible to give to others from an empty cup!  I have heard this saying so many times but take look at your life and think about what your empty cup looks and feels like?

Currently, I want 150% of my energy and attention to pour into my business and passion for coaching.  I genuinely know this is giving me energy like crazy in my life.  However, I tend to get so excited about one area,  I begin to sacrifice my sleep, my personal care routines and think relaxing “me” time to refuel is a waste of time… It’s ALL about work. All. The. Time.

Maybe this is true for you in other areas not work, like a new partner or even a new baby.  I certainly don’t believe life is about making everything balance evenly either! It’s beautiful to funnel energy in different areas according to where you’re growing!  But if you’re cup is empty, your loosing sleep, your neglecting what the activities that make you feel GOOD, and your eating whatever passes by your face, chances are, you’re also on a road to sick, bitchy burnout… ammiright?

This is what my empty cup looks like:
Going to bed past midnight (because there’s “too much to get finished”)
Cranky in the morning
Desperate for coffee (or three)
Brain fog and frenetic multi-tasking
Easily irritated with everyone
Snapping or yelling at my kids
Having a tiny “bandwidth” for stress
Eating & snacking on whatever is in front of me
LOTS of overwhelm, worry, anxiety, overthinking, negative self talk

Here’s what I’ve been thinking to help boost my self-care REFUEL this week to help me feel happier, grounded, inspired and recharged:
I am worth it
My life is better when I feel good
Doing things for myself makes me a better mom & partner
Time is all relative
The more time I spend refueling, the more productive my work time will be
My body care is important
Downtime is super-thinking time
Quiet time allows for the best ideas

Here are some of the things this week these affirmations inspire:
Quiet time (screen / book free) outside
Listening to the birds & trees
Sun basking
Taking a 2hour break from my phone
Paying for after-school care so I can …. Um, get a massage?? Or slowly make dinner in quiet 😉
Going to the beach by myself
Taking a yoga class
Taking a hot bath with Epsom salts
Putting myself to bed by 10

Honestly, this all sounds hard and unnerving.  My beliefs are very much tied up in productivity, efficiency, and “DOING”… so the thought of un-structuring and doing less sounds like scary uncharted territory! But, you know me, I’m always up for a challenge 😉

How do you take care of yourself these days?  I’d love to know!

Go gettem this weekend my pleasure seekers!

In Truth and Pleasure,


Lydia, The Life Coach