We are gifted storytellers. We make sense of the world around us through elaborate explanations that give beautiful and tragic meaning to our lives. We are so wedded to the stories we tell ourselves they become “facts”- money is the root of all evil, drivers should be polite, it is our right to always be happy, our partner/children/parents should love us unconditionally, our job should fulfill us. We believe our story even when it doesn’t serve us, even when it brings us suffering, stalls our progress, drives self-sabotage and creates so many more problems for us.We end up writing ourselves as the victim in our own story.

  • It’s their fault
  • I don’t know how
  • I’m WAITING for more information/inspiration/time/confidence
  • I should have had a better childhood
  • I need permission
  • Losing weight is impossible
  • I’m too old/ quiet/ fat/ dumb/ disorganized
  • I’m not a morning person
  • My industry only pays X amount of money

In your story are you the Damsel waiting for rescue?  Are you the Villain fighting the world/ yourself? Are you part of the passive crowd looking on?

Where in life are you THE HERO?

We want life to be a walk in the park, but it isn’t. Life is ALL things- the joys, the loss, the disappointment, the failures, the disagreements, the misery, the successes, the wins. But in the end, we get to tell whatever story we want about the world, our past, our life.

We get to write the role we play EVERY DAY.

I want to you think of a situation where you keep replaying that feels terrible. You were wronged, injustices were had, it wasn’t your fault…Notice how that story makes you feel- what vibrations happen in your body? Anger, sadness, fear, doubt, shame? Now retell the same story where you are the hero – you save the day! It worked out exactly the way it was always supposed to… Your mind may have to search for the evidence, but go there… find the evidence. Some of your stories won’t feel heroic, but you ALWAYS have the power in how you think…and THAT is your strongest superpower in the world.

Perhaps life is a walk in the park, but sometimes it’s a dark, gritty park in Gotham City and you better have your cape ready!

Here’s to crafting your own hero’s journey my friends!

From my superhero heart to yours,

Lydia the Life Coach

“There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
– William Shakespeare