True or False?
Achieving your goals will make you a better person.
But it seems kiiinda true, right?If you grand slam that big goal, it seems only natural you’d feel better, more respected, beautiful & accomplished! After the bonus, those last 10 pounds #JLObod, and your fantastic new business launch you will enter the land of rainbows and sparkles, where no one fights about money💰, feels bad about 👙tummy pouch or stresses about feeling like a looser. People that win at their goals are automatically somehow better, more evolved, sexier, funnier, and brilliantly respected. Right?

Well, I call BS.

When I have staked everything on my achievement (echem, my worth, value, capability, likeability blah blah blah), I ended up being terrified for failing. This could sometimes help me stick to the Whole 30 or more than anything, it makes me take very little risk, feel exhausted and crabby through out the white knuckling of work, and set mediocre goals if any at all!

Here’s the thing.

Goals are not meant to make you feel happy and #warmnfuzzy.

Achievement isn’t what makes us worthy.

It’s never about the THING or the number or the kudos.

It’s about who you become in the process.

<insert eye roll and sappy heart-to-heart music>
<insert record rip>

So say Wha? Is this positive rah-rah-rah “goal slaying for your best life” all smoke n mirrors!?

People! GOOD NEWS!

You’re already worthy!
Life will always be 50% crap & 50% sunshine.
Your goals are just a fun experiment to keep things interesting.

The way I lead goal trekking is so much less about the end result as the way we get there… Our journey is where we become the person worthy of our goal, strong enough to climb out of the ditch of rejection, press through the brambles of haters, keep moving through the darkness of not-knowing-how IN ORDER to become strong enough for our mountain’s ascent.

The people that make it to the top of their mountains are no longer the same as who they were way back in the valley. AND THAT IS THE FUN PART.

Who is waiting on the top of your next mountain?

If you’re ready for some #goaltrekking, stick with me.

Tell me tell me tell me, what does October hold for you!? What will get you jazzed and super uncomfortable this month?

If you want more support with the obstacles, guidance through the overwhelm and structure to help get it done, lets set up a free no-strings attached consultation.

We need you, my mountain climbers!


Lydia the Life Coach

“There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
– William Shakespeare