Some love it. Some dread it.
But why is it so HARD sometimes?

In fact, we often resist change because our brains prefer to keep us safe, predictable and secure in the “cave” away from bears and frostbite…  and mean girls that may give you the side eye that clearly means your new haircut was a BAD idea.

But guess what? If we can accept and even embrace the discomfort of change, think of the possibilities! Think of the opportunities! Think of the racy, bold haircuts!

Now, listen. I want things to be easy. I want working on goals to “feel” right and amazing. But change innately requires some growing pains. Even the “feel” good decisions like an awesome move or starting a new job or becoming a new parent require us to push beyond our comfort zone, feel shitty, question everything we ever knew to be true, consider changing our decision or wonder why the “good” thing doesn’t feel amaaazing. The good stuff may not feel like rainbows and daisies… but will transform our lives for the better.

Change is meant to be hard.

Change is supposed to bring up ALL the negative emotions.  And that’s ok. 

Goals require you to change (which of course is why we do them AND ALSO why so many of us ditch them by mid-January)

If you want to lose weight, that requires you to CHANGE. Change your food, change your habits, change your lifestyle, change your identity as someone who eats happy hour bites spontaneously and “goes with the flow”… it may be so uncomfortable it has you questioning if losing the weight is even worth it.

If you want to grow a new business, serve new people and explode your bank account, it requires you to CHANGE. Change your time management skills, change your evening Netflix routine with hubby, change your willingness to say yes and please everyone, change where you’re spending your money, change your identity as someone who hates “sales” or is “shy”…

If you want to stop yelling at your kids, it requires you to CHANGE the way you think kids “should” be and what defines you as a “good” parent.  It requires you to change the way you take care of yourself, set clear boundaries and the way you see your kids. Every. Single. Day.

Change is hard.

But the hard stuff is always SO worth it.

Be willing to be uncomfortable in the midst of change.

Don’t quit on your goals. Don’t quit on your higher self.

Choosing the discomfort that comes with change is how we evolve.

And that’s when you will blow your own mind with your crazy potential.

What are you changing today? Where are you going next?

I love you all so much  – Have a gorgeous weekend.

Lydia the Life Coach

“Discomfort is the currency for your dreams.”
– Brooke Castillo