How are you feeling today? Pretty? What about jaw-droppingly stunning!?
Did you know that feeling beautiful is always an option, not matter how insane that may sound?

What if you woke up and truly believed you were the most beautiful model on earth, your legs, your stomach, your hair, your luscious tan, that perfect smile… like, you expected wealthy strangers to invite you on their yacht for a week in the Maldives.

What if you humbly KNEW you were just perfect NOW and always ready to receive the best in life.

You’ve got to watch Amy Schumer’s new romantic comedy, I FEEL PRETTY.  In true rom-com fashion she is a smart, funny, normal woman who feels terribly fat in her underwear in front of the mirror. Then everything, and nothing, changes. She has a freak accident at SoulCycle, hits her head and wakes up magically transformed into BELIEVING that she is gorgeous, exactly how she is. Her entire world begins to shift without a single circumstance changing. The world is her oyster and she steps into her most confident, true self.

This morning I got up and wanted to write to you all about this heart-felt, quirky story and I noticed I felt self-loathing. No make-up, greasy hair, pimples, hairy legs, dark circles under my eyes. Seriously grumpy. Decidedly not pretty. How curious?

How was I going to proceed to tell YOU to feel gorgeous when I sat here bemoaning my face. My solution?


That means I found the thought (not the circumstance) that was making me feel like an ugly mess.
You must be pretty for people to listen.” It seems like a ho-hum innocent fact in the world, but it’s a lie. It was a sentence in my head that was making me feel like shit.
I wasn’t quite ready to swap my thought to “I’m GORGEOUS dahling, pimples and all”…so I tried out these thoughts:

  • My body is serving me today.
  • My body is pumping blood, breathing air, & alive in the world.
  • There is beauty all around me and I am part of a beautiful world.
  • I like my eyes.
  • I want people to see all sides of me.
  • I LOVE what I have to share.
  • I can help someone listening.

I can’t say my eyes flew open and I felt like a movie star, in fact I still felt vulnerable but also ease, a sense of authenticity and compassion with myself. I took a breath and pushed GO LIVE on Instagram and filmed, unfiltered and splotchy and in my truth.

When I feel beautiful, I feel a calm confidence, an inner channel of light and a generosity of spirit.  I see the beauty more easily in others and more open to connect.
When you hear ugly words in your head:

  • Hear them
  • Stay curious about them.
  • Ask yourself, “why am I choosing to believe this?”
  • What beliefs can shift about your body, beauty, & possibility?
  • Create more beautiful thoughts

How do YOU silence your inner mean girl? I’d love to hear your ideas over in the comments section below.

Let’s celebrate your inner beauty and take care of these precious thoughts we create for ourselves.  The little girls around us are watching and learning from us everyday!.

LOVE to all you sexy foxes,