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I’ve been hearing a lot of overwhelm and time-bashing these days from clients and friends and family… aaah and myself!

Time bashing sounds like this:
I’m too busy.
There is never enough hours in the day.
If only I had an extra body double to get it all done.
Time is draaaagging at work.
I can’t wait till bedtime is over and I can relax.
Long days, short years.

What do YOU believe about TIME?

This month I’m drilling down on my time management. My time beliefs. My ability to create more with less. I will become my very own Time WIZARD. Muahahhaha!

Even with the hard-held beliefs of what time means (and feels like) for us, in reality, a minute always has just 60 seconds. We all have exactly 24hours in the day and time never moves faster or slower, even when our brains would beg to differ.

Two weeks ago, I purchased time. I gifted myself a Pilates Retreat in Mexico away from family and close friends. In between the 2 Pilates classes and beautifully catered meals, I gave myself the unheard of gift of a week of unstructured time.

Seriously, what the wha?

I have never had un-obligated time like that to work, create, read, think, and film.  I thought SO much about YOU! In this context, it was easy to believe I had all the time in the world and therefore, I felt relaxed, focused, and creative.  As a result, I was more productive than ever.I never found myself in the toxic thought loop of overwhelm, frustration and anxiety of never “having enough time” to get it all done.

Now I’m home and clearly the circumstances are WAY different. Yet, I am working with the thought, “I have the perfect amount of time.”  Can I still feel abundant, relaxed and focused amidst the dishes, bedtime routines, and evening waitressing shifts?

An hour at a Mexican coastal retreat is THE SAME HOUR squeezing in my final work before preschool pick up. IT’S THE SAME 60MINUTES. IT’S MY SAME BRAIN.

We all have the perfect amount of time to accomplish what is needed with confidence.

Here are some tips to help smooth out the frays:

These are some of my most common time wasters:  

  • Indecision: Make strong decisions and stick to them
  • Worry: doesn’t help
  • Perfectionism: JUST PUSH SEND! The overthinking is a time killer
  • Procrastination: pick a time to do it, and honor it. JUST DO IT
  • Saying YES (when you mean NO): Don’t over commit
  • Buffering” ie mindless eating, drinking, social media scrolling, screen timing, working etc… Check your Screen Usage on your phone – you may be surprised how often (and how many hours) you’re on your phone!

What about are your biggest time wasters??

OWN the hours in your day.

Bring attention and value into your work, your family, your mundane and your special moments.

We truly create the hours in our day. Care for them. Plan for them. Love them!

Have a beautiful week my fellow time wizards.


All My Love & Magic,

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