To believe or not to believe? That is the question.

I am a theatre nerd. I graduated with a theatre degree, ran off to New York City and jumped into any production, workshop and acting group I could. I LOVED the acting process. Dressing up, imagining, rehearsing and becoming a new person every time I got onstage.

The magic recipe?
1. Believe (and love) my character
2. Tap into my breath

Fast forward a decade or two and here I am thinking about the same concepts but within the context of REAL LIFE.

Our beliefs shape our values, our unquestioned truths, and the way we experience the world. They create our reality. So, are you believing on purpose?

Do you BELIEVE in your dreams?

Wondering what your beliefs are? Take a look around you. Remember: what we believe becomes our reality.

How much money do you believe you can make? Look at your bank account. That’s how much.

How much weight do you believe you can loose and keep off? Step onto the scale. That’s how much.

Is it possible to keep a clean house everyday? Look at your countertops RIGHT NOW.

Is it possible to travel to exotic places with the family? Look at your passport.

What you’ve created for your life is a result of what you’ve believed possible for yourself to date.

Ready to make your wildest dreams come true?

Believe NEW thoughts instead of recycling the same thoughts from our current situation (current beliefs = current reality). Then bring it to life in your body with your breath.

You have a goal of loosing 25lbs. For good.
Say it out loud. I weigh XYZ (25lbs. lighter)
Pause here.
Don’t focus on the HOW. Immediately your brain will want to break down the steps and then tell you 100 excuses. These are the “yeah, BUT…” thoughts that resist this new belief. Since our brains don’t like change and certainly don’t like leaving the comfort zone, EXPECT these objections will arise.

Focus on the BELIEF first.

Visualize the goal, your life 25lbs lighter.
Visualize the feeling your future self has stretching in the morning. The breakfast you eat. The morning workout routine you love and the way your clothing feels. Embody this future character in your mind and begin to craft the script you’ll need to bring her to life.
What does she think? Does she obsess over eating a bagel in the car racing to work? Does she curse herself for not going for a walk or rolling out the Pilates mat? Does she even think about her weight?

Your current belief may be, “loosing weight and keeping it off is hard”…And so it is.

I have the BEST NEWS EVER.


If the belief isn’t serving you – change it! A new belief from your future self could be, “maintaining my ideal weight is easy.” or “loosing weight is hard, but I CAN DO HARD THINGS!”
Rehearse your new sentence. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

The script could be incredible (hello Shakespeare!), but without the breath, I could never authentically bring a character to life. Here’s how to add the power of your breath to your future dreamy goals.

Take one thought. It may not even be entirely believable yet, but with practice, it will become more and more natural.

“I am my ideal weight”
“I have the time to get everything done”
“My business is thriving with my most ideal clients”
“I make $100,000”
“I am a relaxed and awesome mom”
“Traveling with little kids is fun and exciting”
“Making dinner is easy/ Mom’s are wizards” (a personal favorite these days;)

Consider your new thought.

Soften your breath, relax your diaphragm and take a big “belly” breath. Let your stomach expand and fall as you absorb the thought.

Breathe in the thought and allow it to be true. Close your eyes and sense your body from this new future self who already has accomplished your goal.

As you rehearse the new belief and breathe it in, you will begin to get more comfortable identifying with your future badass self, taking action from her thoughts and showing up AS her in the world.

This isn’t woowoo stuff.

This is how every goal is achieved.

You must believe the dream into reality, even if your current life has no evidence to prove it. Trust me, I’m an actor 😉

Keep believing.
Keep breathing.

What is ONE new belief you can repeat this week? I’d love to know.

Mermaids and side-bends,