Start with a morning stretch!

It makes sense right, how nice is a good morning stretch?!

Yet, what do your first waking moments actually look like? How do they feel?  Can you even remember this morning??

On mornings where I jolt out of bed in a bleary eyed blindness, one foot teetering under me as I hobble run towards the kitchen or kids rooms to see who needs me first, it takes me while to feel collected and composed (or sane). Literally, sometimes I’m half way across the room before realize my feet are tingling, everything is tight, and god forbid, I may have just pulled something.  If I slowed down enough to ask what am I feeling? Anxiety, urgency, pressure… or simply the low growl of ugughghhagdhsh – does that count as a feeling?? If I trace these feelings back to a the thought, the sentences are: I didn’t get enough sleep, someone needs me NOW, I’m creaky, Someone else isn’t helping me enough, I hate myself for working late, I’m not a morning person.

Sound familiar?

Yet, these first few breaths, thoughts and movements truly set your day in the right (or wrong) direction, so why not make them a bit more intentional?

Beginning the morning with intentionality takes practice and literally 5min, but man all mighty it can make a profound difference in the morning pleasure and ease.

Let me repeat:

Mornings with PLEASURE & EASE.

Here’s how to do it!

1.     BREATHE ON PURPOSE: Take a big breath and stretch how ever your body is asking.

a.     Move and breath together.

b.     Breath in for three, hold, and exhale for three. Slow, deep breaths that feel expansive.

2.     THINK ON PURPOSE: Notice the first few thoughts popping into your head. Notice the feeling it brings up. If its unpleasant, shift to a thought that is less oppressive.

a.     I need more sleep

b.     I don’t want to get up

c.     Today is going to be so hard

Can BE:

d.     I am waking up

e.     I am breathing

f.      I can move through the day with ease and grace

g.     Thank you body

h.     I am a badass


a.     Feet: Roll ankles, flex & point feet, spread toes wide & scrunch up

b.     Low back/ hips: hug knees into chest & rock side to side or move knees in circles, happy baby, side rotations

c.     Sit up: Side bends with crossed legs, torso twists,

i.     Shoulder rolls, arm circles

ii.     Neck rolls

iii.     Chest expansion

d.     Hang: Lower chest off side of bed while laying on back. Let upper back bend backwards and crown hang off bed

e.     Roll wrists

f.      All fours: cat / cow

g.     Step onto the floor with TWO feet before standing up: stretch standing, roll down, Down Dog.

With just a few small and quick adjustments, you can step off your bed on two grounded feet, stand tall and know your head is truly on straight.

Trust me, it makes a HUGE difference in how you approach everything beyond your cozy bed. Your day may be hard in front of you, you may have small people complaining loudly to you, demands ahead of you at work or a forever scrolling to-do list to tackle… but know you’ve begun your day with leaning onto your body for support rather than dragging it along all day.  You’ve begun your day with intentional breath and thinking and this will breathe new energy, clarity and productivity into your day!

Cheers and here’s to more MORNING MOJO!

Watch this quick video for some ideas on how to stretch in the morning to feel better right away.